5 Stages of Unfollow Grief on Twitter

"I can't unfollow you."
Image by docpop via Flickr

Unfollowed, huh? I know, it’s terrible. How could it have happened? What did I say? Was it an accident? Is this really happening?

Don’t worry – you’ll be OK! You’re experiencing grief. Maybe even psychosis. Who knows. Anyway, take a look at yourself and find out where you are in the 5 stages of Unfollow Grief on Twitter:

  1. Denial – He must be using one of those un-follow tools.
  2. Anger – That little d-bag. I’m gonna un-follow back.
  3. Bargaining – Just let me get retweeted today. I’ll do whatever it takes.
  4. Depression – I’m never going to tweet again.
  5. Acceptance – It’s only Twitter.

Go ahead, have a good cry. But remember this: UnFollow isn’t Goodbye. It’s I’m Not Good Enough For You. Be strong, my angels.

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